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The   Worlds   Biggest   Superman   Fan

     I can say, without a shadow of doubt in my mind, that I am the 
worlds biggest Lois and Clark fan ever. I have 8 shirts, a self-made scrapbook with over 180 pictures, articles and other illustrations that I have gathered over the years. I also have seen every episode of the show at least 16-17 times. I have the soundtrack to the show. I have a fan club on the net, if you want to join e-mail me and I'll send you an invite. I have a Superman hat, Breifcase, 6 comicbooks, 4 Teri Hatcher movies, 1 Dean Cain movie. On Tape I have Teri on Rosie O'Donnel 3 times, The Last Episode of Seinfeld, On Frasier,on Quantum Leap, on Diva's Live, and playing golf on Vh1. I am sure that no one can beat my knowledge of facts from the show. I know it all!
     In the four aired seasons Lois and Clarks relationship survived 
through and thrived on clones, physco shrinks, Noah wanna-be's, 
a wedding destroyer, and about a million other things. They even 
had the normal things, like first dates. 
I am in debt to Teri and Dean more than anyone could imagine. These 
are the people that inspired me to want to get involved in acting.
     Advice from Teri:
"My advice, be healthy, reach your own goals, and don't be afraid to 
impersonate an SNL star..."
     Send fan mail to Teri Hatcher at:
             c/o William Morris Agency
             Beverly Hills, CA 90212    USA
     Send fan mail to Dean Cain at:
             c/o United Talent Agency 
             9560 Wilshire Blvd.
             Suite 500
             Beverly Hills, CA 90212    USA

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Jeni Hawk

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