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My Ultra List of Super Links To Fantastic Photos

Teri hugged by Dean
Dean Hugging Teri
B&W in Cape
Teri & Dean w/ S tattoos
Nice pic w/ a quote from Teri
Superman Hugs Lois in his cape
A collage of Teri and Dean having fun
Teri & Dean
Supes & Lois
Superman Carrying Lois
Lost Season
D & T
Teri & Dean with S tattoos. Black & White
Black & White with tattoos
Another Tattoo 1
B&W with tattos
On Set
On the set acting.
L & C with the globe of Krypton
Lois over
Lois is Leaning over Clark while he sits
Clark Carrying Lois
Clark holding Lois from the ep. in a deserted island.
Funny Looks
Lois giving impressive look with Clark amazed with her
Lois In Cape
Lois and Clark Lois ONLY in Superman cape.
Luthors Ball
L & C Dancing at Lex Luthors ball
Lois on Clarks Shoulder
Self explanitory
Havin' Fun
A collage with Teri and Dean pics
Formal Pic
All Dressed Up
Kool Pic
A pic of the cast!
A Cast Pic
Another Cast Pic
All Dressed Up gettin' Sexy
Holdin' on
Teri holding on while on Deans back
Flyin' High
Teri "Flying" on Deans back

Jeni Hawk
United States

I   Am   The   Worlds   Biggest   Superman   Fan!

I AM THE BIGGEST SUPERMAN FAN!!! I have soooooo much Teri & Dean/superman stuff it's not even funny....... I have a notebook w/ over 170 pics/articles, etc. of superman, Teri & Dean stuff in it, a superman hat, a superman breifcase, a mural on my wall with a superman symbol & the Daily Planet Newspaper on it, the soundtrack to the show, 4 Teri Hatcher movies, 1 Dean Cain movie, Teri on TV: Fraiser, Seinfeld, Quantum Leap, Divas Live, Playing Golf on VH1, and on the Rosie O'Donnell Show 2 times. I also have started recording superman and am on my 7th tape (have been delayed due to the schelule change for the show), have seen every episode at least 13-14 times, have 4 superman t-shirts, 5 comic books, started 1 fan club, member of 5 other fan clubs, and this is my 3rd web site dedicated to Teri and Dean. Are you convinced yet?? If not I don't know what else will convince you...... But the fact that on my 18th B-Day my present from my best friend is going to be a superman tattoo might help a little.
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This LOIS & CLARK WEBRING SITE is owned by:
Jeni Hawk

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